“Thanks to the electronic patient file application of Clinicminds I have my record keeping, and therefore my practice, optimized. It is a pleasant feeling knowing that all is well-documented and easy to review in a later stage. This also accounts for the financial administration at the end of the year.” W. Kamphof, dermatologist
“Clinicminds is running beautifully. The combination of both an excellent patient administration and a CRM system is really great. You provide the very best support. We are truly amazed at how quick you always respond to the questions we have. Your service is what any company should strive towards…and you can quote me on that” E. Hoogstraten, owner
“Our clinic is very happy with this CRM system, and as a clinic manager and business partner I am particularly pleased with the reporting and analysis facilities that Clinicminds has to offer.” M. Cremer
”The Clinicminds application includes everything we need to manage our clinic properly. It offers our physician the perfect solution in all areas, especially for documenting and evaluating with the client. Clinic personnel is able to invoice and schedule appointments flawlessly. Last but not least, because everything is digital we’re practically a paperless clinic! ” Wouter – Velvet Clinics
“Clinicminds showed to be the best help for my practice management. The system keeps track of the financial administration, guides users to comply with regulation, collates treatments into categories, provides an overview of the number and type of treatments or patients and is absolutely easy to use. This in addition to a practical calendar management. Moreover, the team’s support is tremendously well. Very accessible and accurate even at weekends. Overall, I can recommend a Clinicminds to everyone.” dr. Pascale Schools
“After trying a number of different systems in the market, I can say I found the perfect solution for my clinic. Clinicminds covers all steps of our clients’ journey from booking, sending text reminders, appointment confirmations, consultation and payment. The best features (I haven’t seen them anywhere else) are the pre-consultation link for patients to complete their personal data and medical history before they come into the clinic (so no need for filling forms at the waiting area); and the the ability to take before and after pictures and send these to the clients after their treatment. I am also able to easily access all patients data (the full database!), from anywhere, anytime (even if patients contact me out of clinic hours) and can have full access to all information about their treatments. I can relax as no personal patient data is ever recorded on my device, but it goes straight into a Cloud storage service. All this information is grouped in a database, from where I can run all types of reports (clinical or financial reports, helping me greatly in patient retention and planning). I would highly recommend Clinicminds anytime.” Joney de Souza, UK