General features


The Clinicminds dashboard is the starting point for your daily treatments. From the dashboard you can access or search for your patient file directly. The dashboard visualises your real-time progress of the day. See alerts when appointments run out and allow your assistant to continue the payment process seamlessly. Bookmark your patient files to complete tasks afterwards and share important notes with your colleagues.



Appointments & Scheduling

The appointment and scheduling module provides an instant overview of the availability in the clinic, allowing to easily register your appointments. Patients receive an appointment confirmation and reminder by email and optionally by SMS. The dashboard- and calendar view offer a clear view of the existing appointments.

The calendar provides an overview of the scheduled appointments and treatments in the clinic. In addition to this day- and week summary, the calendar offers the ability to quick view patient information and perform immediate actions.


SMS appointment reminders

Sending SMS appointment reminders is an effective tool to reduce no-show rates and to deliver a high service standard to your patients. Clinicminds supports global SMS text messaging. In supporting counties it’s possible to use an alphanumeric sender ID like for example the clinic name or a phone number. The SMS text is editable up to 160 characters.

Treatment registration

The following items, among other items, can be registered in Clinicminds:

  • Consultation
  • Physical examination
  • Medical history
  • ASA classification
  • Informed consents
  • Treatments
  • Photos
  • Payments


payment aesth


Register all payments of treatments as well as product sale in Clinicminds. Keep your bookkeeping up to date in one place. In combination with the export features you’ll be able to extract all necessary information within minutes. When starting the payment process you are able to select payment methods, set discounts and email invoices directly as a PDF file.

Analytics & reporting

Clinicminds offers an extensive set of ready-to-use reports, for analytics and reporting features that are essential for clinic managers, directors and marketers. When opening the menu, you will find the reporting section where you can quickview the clinic revenue on different date resolutions and choose the applicable report to export for clinic management or marketing purposes (e.g. email newsletters). Of course you’re also able to export all the invoices for accounting and daily overview.


Security & Backup

Clinicminds is a cloud based solution. We comply with industry-standard security practices to safely transmit and store your data. Data are encrypted using 2048-bit SSL connections during transmission, and stored on the best and highly secured servers of Amazon web services. Clinicminds is using a completely redundant infrastructure. All components are mirrored at two physically separated locations. If problems would occur in one location, the other location automatically takes over within minutes. This greatly reduces the chance of experiencing downtime. In addition, all data is back-upped multiple times per day to a different physical server on a different location.

All used servers are compliant to the The EU Data Protection Directive refers to the Directive on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data (also known as Directive 95/46/EC). Additionally the servers are ISO27001 certified.

Read our  HIPAA statement PDF applicable for clinics in United States.

Import clients & history

Once you decide to use Clinicminds you may want to import your existing client data to the application. In order to do so we offer you the possibility to import your client database including historical data into Clinicminds. The only requirement is to export a CSV file from your current system. This is a very common file format that is compatible with excel and other software solutions.


At this moment Clinicminds supports 2 languages, English and Dutch. The app will support more languages in the near future.

Increase appointments up to 19% by using the smart treatment-reminder feature.
Reduce no shows by 22% with automated appointment reminders.
Reduce personnel and administrative costs because of thorough and immediate treatment registration.
Spend more time with your patient. Register your complete treatment within 5 minutes.
Comply with regulation by registering all necessary information in your patient file.