EMR & CRM for surgical clinics


Treatment registration

Register the complete (outpatient) surgical treatment in the patient’s file. Create a record for each treatment, complete with medical history, informed consents and payment information.

Surgical Check-list

This surgical check-list for patient safety is used prior, during and after the treatment. Clinicminds now even more supports clinics performing (outpatient) surgical procedures.
This internationally used checklist identifies three phases of an operation, each corresponding to a specific period in the normal flow of work:
– Before the induction of anaesthesia (“sign in”)
– Before the incision of the skin (“time out”)
– Before the patient leaves the operating room (“sign out”).


Treatment plan

Create a treatment plan in a few simple to perform steps. Finally email this plan as a PDF document to your client with a simple click. Clients will be able to review the discussed treatment plan.



Treatment quote

When sending your client a treatment plan you’re also able to add a quote as a PDF document at the same time. Your client will be able to review this quote at any time. Whenever a client decides to accept this offer and payment has been performed, you’re able to automatically grant the client treatment credits according to this offer.

Register lot-numbers

As required in many different regions, you’re able to register all lot-numbers used during a treatment. When needed you’ll be able to perform a recall according to the used lot-numbers.



Sign Informed consents

Signing paper informed consents is usually time consuming because of preparations.  Now signing informed consents has become very easy. Just click the right consent and turn the iPad to your client to sign it. By using a stylus for example signing the digital consent is the same as signing paper.



Clinicminds enables you to create,sign and send prescriptions. To make the process easy you’re able to setup pre-defined prescriptions. This saves time when prescribing certain medicines repeatedly. You are able to setup a pharmacy contact list. Prescribing now means choosing the appropriate prescription (inline editing available), select the pharmacy, sign digitally and send it.

Product sale

Register your complete retail product sale in the system and keep track of your stock. For example register the skin care products that you sell in your clinic. In this way you’ll have your complete bookkeeping in one place.


payment aesth


When starting the payment process you are able to select payment methods, set discounts and email invoices directly as a PDF file. In addition you can add (cosmetic) products as you sell in your clinic to the invoice.

Analytics & reporting

Clinicminds enables you to extract information regarding your clients, treatments, revenues and many more indicators. You’re able to analyse this information and use it to improve marketing strategies. Besides these features you’re able to create fast reports like for example for bookkeeping purposes.


Some examples of surgical treatments you’re able to register in Clinicminds

Blepharoplasty Threads
Brow lift Ear surgery
Mini face-lift Labia corrections
Liposuction Chin surgery