EMR & CRM for laser clinics


Scheduling & calendar

Scheduling appointments should be fast, clear and simple. Needless information should be left out and important information like vacancy should be available fast.

The scheduling tool is specifically designed for this task. Whenever you need an overview of the activity in your clinic, use the calendar and take a look.

Treatment packages

Besides the registration of single treatments, you’re able to create treatment packages. Simply create as many treatment packages for your clinic as needed. For laser treatments you’re able to create packages consisting of multiple treatments, for example a 4 treatment package, and let the system keep track of the remaining number of treatments. Additionally create a clear record of every performed treatment.

Additional to packages it is simple to create treatments plans and offers and send this to your clients.



Treatment plan

Create a complete treatment plan during consultation. When it’s ready, send it to your client as a PDF document. Clients are able to review this plan and able to decide if they wish to proceed with the treatment plan.

Informed consent

Signing informed consents has never been this easy. Just choose the consent you wish to use, turn the iPad to your client and let the client sign the consent by using a stylus for example. It’s fast, easy and convenient. Treating without a signed consent is not an option anymore.



Product sale

Register your complete retail product sale in the system and keep track of your stock. For example register the skin care products that are sold in your clinic. In this way you’ll have your complete bookkeeping in one place.


When starting the payment process you are able to select payment methods, set discounts and email invoices directly as a PDF document. In addition you can add (cosmetic) products as you sell in your clinic to the invoice.


Some examples of treatments you’re able to register in Clinicminds

 Acne laser treatment   Laser hair removal Pigmentation treatment
 Acne scar treatment   Rosacea treatment Laser tattoo removal
 Birthmark treatments  Scar removal & treatment Sun damage treatment
Black skin care Skin rejuvenation treatment Thread vein treatment