Assign profile picture to client overview

UPDATE – you are now able to assign or shoot a profile picture and add it to client overview tab. This allows you to welcome your patients in a more personal way when you approach them in the waiting room. And don’t worry, if you don’t feel comfortable by asking your clients for a picture just assign one from the treatment tab.

Add 12 photos per treatment phase

UPDATE – you are now able to add 12 instead of 4 photos per treatment phase. This will enable you to take photos from more angles and focus on more details. We would like to thank our clients for their valuable feedback. We hope you like the improvements 🙂

Release of Clinicminds 2.0 !

After a few months of silence we are excited to announce a major release of Clinicminds version 2.0. The past months we worked very hard to redesign and add new features to our application. We redesigned our complete interface into flat design (IOS8). But the biggest addition, which we are very proud of, is the release of […]

iOS 8 update causes problem photo feature

As you may know, Apple introduced their new operating system iOS 8 for iPad and iPhone. We observed a problem with the photography part of the patient file when using iOS 8 on the iPad. During the flow of registering the patient treatment, when clicking the photo button to take a picture or to upload […]

Introducing important compliance feature

Update September 2014: During the past month our group of programmers spent a great amount of time on the renewing of our (operating) system. Actually we are reprogramming it and we hope to launch this update within this coming month. In the meantime we didn’t stop developing our app and yesterday we pushed an update […]