Supporting Product Sale

We’ve updated Clinicminds and are introducing (retail) product sale. Many clinics are selling or wish to sell products like e.g. cremes to their patients or even to not registered clients. Now Clinicminds supports selling products in your clinic regardless of performing a treatment. You’re able to keep track of your stock as well. Take a […]

New features update January 2016

We’re excited to announce the new Clinicminds update, adding great new features. It took a lot of intense teamwork to develop and add these new features in a logical and natural way. We’re convinced that Clinicminds is now able to support even more clinics and their work methods.

Treatment summary

Patients should be adequately informed in writing about the performed procedures. The provided information serves to enhance and professionalize after-care in case of an incident or as a reference for future treatments.

New features & updates October 2015

We are pleased to announce that we’ve updated Clinicminds and are introducing new important features. Features that will assist you to comply with regulation but will also save you tons of time! Additionally we’ve made multiple enhancements and minor fixes. New: treatment summary Starting from today you’re able to send your patients a treatment summary […]

Essential systems for a thriving clinic

High-end treatments are the starting point of every clinic. But what else do you have to do to expand your clinic? Read our 2015 LinkedIn report about the seven essentials for a thriving clinic.

Update search function

We’ve updated the Clinicminds search bar by rebuilding it. It is now working faster and more reliable on a PC and iPad. Another advantage is that the dashboard is also loading faster. Finally we have upgraded the security of the search function, protecting your valuable client data even more.