Calendar & Scheduling tool udate

We released Clinicminds version 2.7 and we created some exciting new features and enhancements for our calendar and scheduling tool. We also redesigned our calendar and scheduling tool. It is now more informative then ever. Some of the new features are: Toggle between list view – time view Colour coding appointment type Automatic duration selection Calendar notes list […]

New update: Surgical Check-list

We have introduced the surgical checklist to our treatment registration flow. By adding this tool, Clinicminds supports clinics performing (outpatient) surgical procedures. This internationally used checklist identifies three phases of an operation, each corresponding to a specific period in the normal flow of work: – Before the induction of anaesthesia (“sign in”) – Before the incision of […]

Photo compare tool

We’ve added a new photo compare tool. This tool helps to compare two photo’s right next to each other. This way you’re able to compare a photo taken before a treatment and a photo taken some time after the treatment, during an inspection visit. Need to download the comparison? Just click the download button. If […]

Management reports and other features

We added some new and highly requested features to Clinicminds! This update is all about getting management insights and by that we mean clear numbers and figures. Take a moment to read more about this update below. Management reports Managing your clinic based on actual facts and information is becoming essential. Numbers and figures can […]

Export a record to PDF

We’re introducing an additional feature, available from today. You’re now able to export a complete record, including inspection and/or aftertreatment to a PDF document.

SMS (Text) Treatment reminders

Sending email treatment reminders has been possible since the start of Clinicminds. Research showed these email treatment reminders increased the number of scheduled appointments with 19 percent and increased customer retention rates. But why not sending these reminders as a SMS (Text) message?