EMR & CRM for private clinics

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    Our clinic is very happy with this CRM system, and as a clinic manager and business partner I am particularly pleased with the reporting and analysis facilities that Clinicminds has to offer.M. Cremer

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    “Clinicminds is running beautifully. The combination of both an excellent patient administration and a CRM system is really great. You provide the very best support. [read more]

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    “Thanks to the electronic patient file application of Clinicminds I have my record keeping, and therefore my practice, optimized. It is a pleasant feeling knowing that all is well-documented and easy to review in a later stage. [read more]

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    ” The Clinicminds application includes everything we need to manage our clinic properly. It offers our physician the perfect solution in all areas, especially for documenting and evaluating with the client. [read more]

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    “Clinicminds showed to be the best help for my practice management. The system keeps track of the financial administration, guides users to comply with regulation, collates treatments into categories, provides an overview of the number and type of treatments or patients and is absolutely easy to use. [read more]

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    “After trying a number of different systems in the market, I can say I found the perfect solution for my clinic. Clinicminds covers all steps of our clients’ journey from booking, sending text reminders, appointment confirmations, consultation and payment. [read more]

100% designed for private healthcare clinics

Clinicminds is a uniquely combined CRM (customer relationship management tool) and EMR (electronic medical record) designed for clinics offering private healthcare, like for example aesthetic clinics, laser clinics, small outpatient surgery clinics and medical aestheticians. It provides a complete workflow, starting with scheduling appointments, registering treatment records, payments, many marketing and administrative features.



Increase your revenue with smart marketing features.

Clinicminds allows you to generate more revenue with built-in marketing features. For example, increase recurring patient visits by simply setting treatment reminders.

Manage your aesthetic clinic efficiently

It has never been this simple for aesthetic doctors to register their treatment in a patients file using their iPad, MAC or PC.



Multi-device support desktop, laptop or tablet

The application is designed to be used on an iPad (tablet), desktop or laptop. We support Windows OS, iOS and Mac OSX. No software install is required.

Many repetitive tasks have been automated.

Send appointments, reminders, invoices, signed forms and before and after photo’s with just one click. Automating these repetitive tasks, lets you focus on your patients.



Use Clinicminds anywhere anytime

Always have patient data available. Traveling doctors can now access their files anywhere, anytime. Connect to the application through WiFi or 3G/4G and start your treatment.


Safety personal information

Clinicminds finds it extremely important to treat customer data and personal patient information with the utmost care and confidentiality. Clinicminds will in all cases act according to the privacy requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Clinicminds provides the platform in which you can save patient data. This secured data is only accessible by you. Clinicminds staff is not able to access or save patient data.

When do you need us?

We advice to start using Clinicminds if your clinic treats ten or more patients per month. You will be able to expand your clinic faster and more efficient while being compliant to regulations.



My Face My Body Awards

We are delighted to announce that Clinicminds has been selected as a finalist of the My Face My Body awards for “Best Practice/Patient Management Software”